Input via pen, finger and keyboard

Ready for use on all IT devices

Flexible - You can use Checkware with every webenabled IT device - irrelevant if it is a stationary desktop, a notebook, a tablet or an iPad or your latest smartphone. Every kind of input adjusts to the particular device. That means you can fill checklists and forms either with a touchpad pen, a finger, a keyboard or a mouse.

The graphic user guidance allows that even less tech-savvy users can operate the system intuitively. 


The graphic user guidance enables an intuitive use of the system even for less-tech savvy users.

Checkware App for mobile devicdes - Checklist filling "offline"

Checkliste offline mit einem Tablet ausfüllen.

In the Checkware App checklists and forms can be filled out offline, without an internet connection. As soon as there is a network connection to the central system the checklists and files will be synchronized automatically.

The Checkware App is available for mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones with Goggle-Android, Apple iOS and Windows phone.



Checklist management

Intuitive handling

Input - Checkware is optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The user guidance enables an intuitive handling of the system even for less tech-savvy users ...

Who is authorized?

Authorized or not - In practice users only see forms and checklists which are relevant for their tasks ...