Plausibility check

Check inputs automatically

Plausible - Electronic checklists of Checkware respond dynamically to inputs. The system checks every point of the form if the entered data makes sense - e. g. being within the determined value limits. Non-fitting data will be rejected and needs to be reviewed by the user.

Depending on previous acknowledged actions branching with subsequent processes is possible. For example: when a certain value is reached an additional input is mandatory. In this case another field appears, which normally would not. Depending on entered values different mandatory fields can appear.

Checklist management

Intuitive handling

Input - Checkware is optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The user guidance enables an intuitive handling of the system even for less tech-savvy users ...

Who is authorized?

Authorized or not - In practice users only see forms and checklists which are relevant for their tasks ...