Checkware supports multi-stage workflows with several persons

Interactive - You can not only create checklists with Checkware but assign them where to continue according to plant procedures. The system illustrates multi-stage workflows with several persons - transnational and in various languages.

For example a digital Checkware checklist can be filled and signed by an employee in Germany. Then the checklist is automatically transferred to a colleague in the US, who can further process the form in English; etc.

Checkware sets deadlines for tasks and processes so that reaction time is monitored. Within workflow a representative control is possible as well. Therefore Checkware ensures fast and responsible processes.

Checklist management

Intuitive handling

Input - Checkware is optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The user guidance enables an intuitive handling of the system even for less tech-savvy users ...

Authorized or not?

Authorized or not - In practice users only see forms and checklists which are relevant for their tasks ...