Easily evaluate form inputs

Reports - Checkware supports you with the evaluation of all form inputs. The program has its' own reporting function to create error reports. The evaluation appears optionally in a spreadsheet or a diagram.

With standard interfaces the input can be exported and processed further to Excel, ERP and reporting systems or a data warehouse.

Checkware can not only evaluate the data but even the time and duration of the input. So you can check if it was done carefully or if the list was just ticked. This is not possible with a paper document.

Reporting der Eingaben in den Formulare mit Datenexport als Excel-Datei.
Auswertung der Checklisten und Formulare.

Checklist management

Intuitive handling

Input - Checkware is optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The user guidance enables an intuitive handling of the system even for less tech-savvy users ...

Authorized or not?

Authorized or not - In practice users only see forms and checklists which are relevant for their tasks ...