Electronic signature

Sign checklists and forms digitally

Tamper-proof - When the digital checklist is filled and finished it can be signed digitally with a pen or finger. Signature pads integrate fields automatically for the employee's name, who is responsible for the examination, into the protocol. A checksum is created via the digital form and saved with the signature graphic. The signing persons can be authenticated according to their biometric parameter.

In contrast to a paper report it is not possible to subsequently change or add something in checklists and forms. Thanks to the electronic signature below the documents, checklists don't have to be stored as a hard copy. That saves money for printing and storing.

The acceptance in practice is high due to the easy handling with your own signature. It is a usual process for a declaration of intent.   

Electronic signature on a tablet, smartphone or signature tablet.

A form can contain several signatures. These are finished after the checklist is signed.



Checklist finished with two signatures.

Electronic signature with the Checkware App

In the Checkware App checklists and forms can be filled and signed offline, without an internet connection. 

The Checkware App is available for mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones with Google-Android, Apple iOs and Windows phone. The Checkware App can also be used with Windows 10 tablets, notebooks or computers.



Checkliste in der Checkware-App mit zwei Unterschriften abgeschlossen.

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