Checkware offers all functions for a professional checklist management

Scope of functions - With Checkware checklists of all kinds can be created in a digital, standardized form and managed as well as being provided to all authorized employees worldwide.

The interactive forms customize dynamically to all stationary and mobile IT devices and can be filled via keyboard, pen or touchpad.

Checkware is platform-independent, mulitlingual and integrable.

Mit Checkware können Sie Checklisten aller Art in einheitlicher Form elektronisch erstellen, verwalten und berechtigten Mitarbeitern weltweit zur Verfügung stellen.

Electronic signature

Signature pads integrate fields for the employee's name, who is responsible for the examination, into the protocol. Thanks to the electronic signature below the documents, checklists don not have to be stored as a hard copy. That saves money for printing and storing.

Elektronische Unterschrift auf einem Tablet, Smartphone oder Unterschriften-Tablet.

Efficient, mostly electronical workflows

Checkware enables electronic checklists to be assigned directly where to continue according to plant procedures. The system displays workflows electronically and assigns tasks and processing steps with deadlines so you can control the reaction time. Within workflow a representative control is possible as well. Therefore Checkware ensures fast and responsible processes.

Audit-proof and for the record

All changes as constantly saved and the data is audit-proof in a central database. The data can be exported for evaluation in different formats, e. g. Excel. In addition you can connect to master data and reporting systems.


Checkware App for mobile devices - Checklist filling "offline"

In the Checkware App checklists and forms can be filled out offline, without an internet connection. As soon as there is a network connection to the central system the checklists and files will be synchronized automatically.

The Checkware App is available for mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones with Goggle-Android, Apple iOS and Windows phone.



Checklist management

Intuitive handling

Input - Checkware is optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The user guidance enables an intuitive handling of the system even for less tech-savvy users ...

Who is authorized?

Authorized or not? - In practice users only see forms and checklists which are relevant for their tasks ...