New: Design digital checklists yourself

Design digital checklists yourself with the Checkware Designer

Burghausen, March 24th, 2016 - The Checkware Digital Checklist Manager is a browser-based standard software. The user can fill, electronically sign and administrate digital checklists and dynamic forms audit-proof. New Solutions expanded the program's functionality with the latest Checkware Designer so users can create and customize forms and checklists themselves. Until now programming skills were necessary.

The Checkware Designer offers different elements which are necessary for a digital checklist draft: part of are headings, input and selection fields, text boxes and signature fields. By using the computer mouse the desired fields are dragged into the form. Furthermore the elements can be linked to functionalities: certain fields can be defined as mandatory; a range of values can be assigned (min/max) or task inputs can be checked if they are correct. A preview pops up to check the design.

Users can create checklist drafts responsive so the screen adapts to the size of the device used. After saving the record the latest draft is included into Checkware and is available in the browser-based version or the Checkware App.

The Checkware Designer offers different elements which are necessary for a digital checklist draft.

New: Task planning with the task management

"Task management" is a new function. Filling a form or checklist is defined as a "task" which can be designated to a certain user or group of users as well as to a certain time or regular.

The fulfillment of inspection dates can be proven or its' exceeding can be designated to defined places in the company. A notfication reminds of due tasks, e. g. via email.

Checkware can be used with every mobile or stationary device. Users can also work "offline" with the Checkware App.


New Solutions expanded the Checkware Digital Checklist Manager with two new functions: Users can create and customize digital checklists themselves with the Checkware Designer. And with the latest function "task management" it is possible to plan tasks in time based on checklists and forms.



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