Awarded at the innovation prize IT: BEST OF 2015 for Checkware - Digital Checklist Manager

Checkware for PC, notebook, tablet und smartphone - Checklist software out of the cloud

Burghausen, March 31st, 2015 - The Checkware Digital Checklist Manager of New Solutions is one of the best applicant for the innovation prize IT 2015 by Initiative Mittelstand (middle-class). The web-based software for filling and administrating digital checklists prevailed and is between the 25 best solutions in category "on demand". 

Innovation prize for Checkware checklist software

More than 5000 applicants were part in the competition for the "innovation prize IT". This high number of applications show how attractive this award is with which the Initiative Mittelstand (middle-class) honors the best IT solutions for the middle class for 12 years now. Microsoft Deutschland GmbH is the sponsor of the innovation prize IT 2015.

"The innovation prize IT is a guide for a lot of middle class companies to decide for the best IT solution between the large variety of products. We are very please that our Checkware Digital Checklist Manager is one of the BEST OF solutions this year", says Christian Ehrenschwendtner, CEO of New Solutions GmbH in Burghausen. An independent jury consisting of 100 IT specialist editors, industry experts, scientists and professors of this industry evaluated the applications.

About Checkware 

Standardized checklists of all kinds can be created electronically, administrated and provided to authorized personell worldwide with the Checkware Digital Checklist Manager. The software is optimized for mobile devices such as tablet or smartphones but also supports stationary devices and is completely platform-independent. Users can not only fill the centrally provided checklists and forms in the office but also on the way via every standard browser and sign them electronically. The collected field information can be read out of a central data base and can be used for evaluations and reports.

About New Solutions GmbH

The New Solutions GmbH with location in Burghausen and Munich is a specialist for process based software solutions. This IT-service achieves an above average software quality with its' up-to-date development methods and tools for quality assurance. This company convices with a longer time experience in customer support and project management. The New Solutions GmbH has an efficient information security management system (ISMS) according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This certification refers to the implementation of software development projects like the standard software products such as Finito, Checkware and Synoset.


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