Checkware: Electronic checklists and forms for all devices

Checkware for PC, notebook, tablet and Smartphone

Burghausen, August 5th, 2014 - New Solutions GmbH has introduced its' proven standard software Checkware Digital Checklist Manager as a browser-based version to the market. The program for filling and administrating digital checklists is based on the latest web technologies and adjusts automatically to all platforms and device sizes.

The new Checkware version is optimized for devices like tablets or smartphones as well as it is still supporting stationary devices completely platform-independent. Users can fill the centrally available checklists and forms not only in the office but also on the way with every standard browser and sign them electronically. The collected field data can be read out of a central data base immediately and can be used for evaluation and reports.

"Checkware makes pen and paper redundant through intelligent, audit-proof forms", explains Christian Ehrenschwendtner, CEO of New Solutions GmbH with offices in Burghausen and Munich. "The latest browser-based version is the result of six years of experience in checklist management for large industries together with our know-how in the latest internet technologies".


Multilevel approval processes
Checkware can be integrated into different systems. The program can assume master data via interfaces from existing systems and for example, transfer the data to Excel, ERP or reporting systems. Furthermore Checkware builds multilevel workflows with several users electronically - if necessary worldwide and in different languages.

Digital checklists which are provided by Checkware respond dynamically to inputs. Depending on earlier acknowledged actions, branching into different subsequent actions is possible. Checklists can be designed according to corporate design specifications.

The Checkware Windows version is successfully used in the industry since 2008. A chemical company uses the standard software for calibration protocols of more than 2000 scales. Another chemical company uses Checkware for handling hazardous goods.

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About New Solutions GmbH

The New Solutions GmbH with location in Burghausen and Munich is a specialist for process based software solutions. This IT-service achieves an above average software quality with its' up-to-date development methods and tools for quality assurance. This company convices with a longer time experience in customer support and project management. The New Solutions GmbH has an efficient information security management system (ISMS) according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This certification refers to the implementation of software development projects like the standard software products such as Finito, Checkware and Synoset.


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