Press releases about Checkware software

Electronic Checklists for Industry 4.0: Exchange Even More Data

Checkware Connector for the connection of data systems with the checklist system.

New Solutions GmbH, a medium-sized provider of software solutions for the digitization of business processes on the "shop floor", has considerably expanded the capabilities of its checklist software for electronic data exchange: Checkware can now not only be connected to any data systems. Users can also integrate significantly more master data into their electronic checklists than before. Also: The app version is now also available in the Windows Store.

>> More info about the capabilities to connect to an data systems

New: Design digital checklists yourself

Design digital checklists yourself with the Checkware Designer

The Checkware Digital Checklist Manager is a browser-based standard software. The user can fill, electronically sign and administrate digital checklists and dynamic forms audit-proof. New Solutions expanded the program's functionality with the latest Checkware Designer so users can create and customize forms and checklists themselves. Until now programming skills were necessary.

>> More info about the Checkware Designer

Checkware App: Fill digital checklists offline on your mobile device

Checkware app - fill digital checklists online and offline

New Solutions GmbH has developed an app version for their standard software Checkware. So now users can fill in their digital checklists also offline on their smartphone or tablet. The latest Checkware app is available for mobile devices with Google Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10.

>> More info about the Checkware app for mobile devices

Awarded at the innovation prize IT: BEST OF 2015 for Checkware - Digital Checklist Manager

Checkware for PC, notebook, tablet and smartphone - Checklist software of the cloud awarded with innovation prize

Checkware Digital Checklist Manager is one of the 25 best applicants for the innovation prize IT 2015, category "on demand". The program for filling and administrating digital checklists is based on the latest technology and is completely platform-independent.

>> More about the award of the checklist software Checkware

New Solutions fulfills IT safety regulation ISO/IEC 27001:2013

New Solutions is certified according to ISO 27001:2013

New Solutions GmbH has an effective information safety management system (ISMS) according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013. That was confirmed by TÜV Rheinland with a certificate end of January. The certification refers to the implementation of software development projects as the standard sofware products like Finito, Checkware and Synoset.

>> More about the certification of New Solutions GmbH according to ISO 27001

Checkware: Electronic checklists and forms for all devices

Electronic checklists and forms as cloud software

Checklists and forms of all kinds can be created electronically, administrated and are available worldwide in a standardized form with Checkware. The latest browser-based version of Checkware is based on the current internet technologies and is applicable on all platforms and devices.

>> More about the latest version of Checkware, the checklist management system

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