Checklists for mechanical and plant engineering

Electronic checklists: field service

Field service - Service technicians used to support customers with installation and putting machines into operation. All tasks will be recorded not only that nothing won't go wrong but to learn from mistakes; they will be evaluated then. There are a lot of forms and protocols for constant maintenance partly in electronic form (Error Log or Diagnose Report), partly hand-written.

Checkware offers an intranet solution where all necessary data can be provided in a standardized, electronic form. This relates to machine protocols like Error Logs, Diagnose Reports and Audittrails. All information can be gathered together, archived audit-proof and can be provided for other applications as evaluations and reports.

Checklists are used in a lot of industrial areas:

Online support

Input - Your employees don't know how to proceed when using the software? No problem. A detailed online help desk supports you in every sector ...

IT safety

Authorization - Access to Checkware is possible through a standard browser and is secured through a smart authorization concept ...