Hazardous good checklists for hazardous goods controls

Use our predefined checklists prescribed by law for hazardous goods controls on street, rail, barge, air and sea traffic.

Professional support for supplying and updating hazardous goods checklists

The ongoing updates of hazardous goods checklists are provided with the professional support of the Safety Training Plus GmbH.

We have a long time of experience with consultations and training for transport of hazardous goods through our cross-sectional business relationship with Safety Training Plus. 



Due to stricter statutory requirements on environmental protection and standardized compliance, audit-proof processes especially in the area of hazardous goods are of business-critical importance given the high amount of possible damage. Therefore a lot of companies are thinking about switching from paper forms to digital checklists. New Solutions provides audit-proof archiving and fullfillment of compliance requirements (ADN, ADR, IATA, IMO, RID etc.) based on predefined standard checklists, which can be individually adjusted to the company's needs.

Automation of business processes through interactive forms and individual evaluation possibilities

Checkware - Digital Checklist Manager is a software solution for all kinds of inspections, quality controls and audits. In a lot of areas examinations are done with the help of standardized forms and checklists. 

  • Checkware replaces pen and paper with intelligent forms and automates business processes. If hard copies are used the recorded information would have to be digitalized afterwards.
  • Checkware allows company-wide and across all locations evaluation of multilingual forms through a central data management.
  • Time can be saved through the automated processing of forms and checklists. Errors can be prevented while manually transferring data.

Checkware digital checklist reporting standardized checklist management

Checkware replaces pen and paper. Data is collected locally via stationary or mobile devices (e. g. tablets) and is synced with the server automatically.

With Checkware forms and checklists can be easily created and used standardized in the whole company. The software allows a realization of your own designs and layouts and provides a consistent checklist management.

An access system allows several users to only see a certain section of the system. In practice the employee only sees the forms and checklists he is responsible for.

Checkware Digital Checklist Manager supports the users during recording through an input check. All data is available immediately after record. Evaluation can be done everywhere.

Checklists are used in a lot of industrial areas:

Online support

Input- Your employees don't know how to proceed when using the software? No problem. A detailed online help desk supports you in every sector ...

IT safety

Authorization - Access to Checkware is possible through a standard browser and is secured through a smart authorization concept ...