Checklists are used in a lot of industrial areas:

Hazardous goods controls with electronic checklists

Standard checklists for hazardous goods transports

Safety- A lot of requirements have to be met regarding packaging, cargo safety, labels and condition of the transport vehicle when transporting hazardous goods on the street, rails, by air or ship. The proper condition of the cargo is then mostly controlled with checklists on paper. The disadvantage is that forms need to be digitalized afterwards and then archived with hard copies.



Possible saving of several 100.000 Euros

Checkware is for example used in a plant with about 35.000 employees in an international environment. In another chemical company the Total Productive Maintenance process of 2.200 machines is handled with Checkware. According to the company's size the possible savings are more than a several 100.000 Euros.

By the way: the transport of hazardous goods is one of the few topics with cross-border compliances, which a lot of countries are part of. For this reason Checkware is multilingual and can be used internationally.


Online support

Input- Your employees don't know how to proceed when using the software? No problem. A detailed online help desk supports you in very sector.

IT safety

Authorization - Access to Checkware is possible through a standard browser and is secured through a smart authorization concept ...