Checklists in pharmacy and biotechnology

Efficient, GMP-compliant, economical

Quality requirements - The "Good Manufacturing Practice" in the pharmacy and biotechnnology industry needs to ensure that all products are produced and audited according to the same quality standards all the time - wherever they are produced and sold. Checklists help frequently to ensure the controls of the quality standards.

When using digital checklists like Checkware the quality assurance process will be more efficient, economical and GMP-compliant.

Digital checklists constantly contain the uptodate status of a control and can be provided in several languages; they can be centrally evaluated and combined in an efficient report.


Standard checklists for areas with hazardous goods

New Solutions offers checklists based on Checkware for hazardous goods areas for pharmacy and biotechnology companies: Predefined standard checklists for compliance requirements (ADN, ADR, IATA, IMO, RID etc.) in the area of hazardous goods can be completed and are audit-proof. The standard checklists are individually adjusted due to the company´s, plant´s or test area´s needs. It is possible to save several 100.000 Euros with an enhanced use of digital checklists. A company in the process industry could control Total-Productive-Maintenance processes very efficiently. A TPM process of 2.200 machines was handled digital and audit-proof with the New Solutions Checkware.

Checklists are used in a lot of industrial areas:

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