Inspections, quality controls or audits: Checkware automates related business processes

Added value - Checkware replaces pen and paper with intelligent, audit-proof forms, which can be filled and signed online with most of the standard IT devices.

The collected data is sent to the employees responsible by means of individual defined electric workflows. The employees can check, approve, save audit-proof, evaluate all data and put them into significant reports in the desired corporate design. In this way Checkware automates related business processes.

Checkware ersetzt Papier und Kugelschreiber durch intelligente, revisionssichere Formulare, die mit den meisten handelsüblichen mobilen IT-Geräten online ausgefüllt und unterschrieben werden können.

Electronically, company-wide and efficient

There are several advantages of digital checklists over the ones on paper: they prevent typical "operator errors": single tasks cannot be skipped or forgotten accidentally. There are no illegible entries as with handwritten papers. Furthermore all collected data do not have to be entered into the system again. 



Electronic checklists which Checkware respond dynamically to inputs. Non-fitting data will be rejected and has to be reviewed by the user. Depending on previous inputs branching into subsequent procedures is possible.

As digital checklists are centrally maintained all employees have access to the uptodate document in the regional language constantly. It is possible to have evaluations from different plants in multilingual forms with the web-based software.

Checkware App for mobile devices - Fill in checklists "offline" as well

Checkliste offline mit einem Tablet ausfüllen.

Checklists and forms can be filled out offline, without an internet connection, in the Checkware App. As soon as there is a network connection to the central system the checklists and files will be synchronized automatically.

The Checkware App is available for mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones with Google-Android, Apple iOS and Windows 10.



Checklists are used in a lot of industrial areas:

Online support

Input- Your employees don't know how to proceed when using the software?          No problem. A detailed online help desk supports you in every sector ...

IT safety

Authorization - Access to Checkware is possible through a standard browser and is secured through a smart authorization concept ...


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